The Eternal Void Network


The Eternal Void Network has been online since November 18, 2002. It has always been personally hosted on Apache2 by the webmaster, first, on a server running Windows XP, but it has since been switched to a Debian server for obvious performance and security reasons.

It started as a personal website and has gone through many changes over the years. There are no rules defining what The Eternal Void Network must be, however it is generally a reflection of the webmaster's psyche and what is important to him. The site has gone through 8 major layout changes since it was created, and will continue to change so long as the webmaster still lives. It has always been 100% coded by hand because the webmaster thinks that html editors are for pussies.

So, "What's the point of this place?", you ask... Well, it is, and always will be changing, but right now the point is to provide useful information about computers and anything else that the webmaster deems interesting.

Feedback may be sent to Defcronyke Webmaster.